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5 fashionable ways to style your summer bikini

Let’s all have a fashionable summer.


Summer – the season of sunglasses, tan skin, and bikini pics – is just around the corner. In this post, I’ll suggest 5 easy ways to style your bikini for a fabulous summer outfit. Let’s dive in!


  1. Bandana

Since bandana was introduced to the fashion world in early 2000s, it has never gone out of style. Case in point, transforming a bandana into a top or an accessory was the hottest trend in Summer 2020. I am definitely a fan. What I love about it is I can use it both as a fashionable hair accessory and something to protect me from the heat. My tip for an Instagrammable outfit: Wear your favorite bikini, put on your lipstick, grab your bandana, and there you go girl, the trendiest girl in summer 2021 is here.

  1. Oversized outerwear

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Oversized outerwear over a bikini is a very simple but highly stylish combination for summer. Depending on the material of the outerwear, you can style it differently. For example, wearing soft materials like chiffon or silk will give you a feminine look. My personal favorite is styling a kimono jacket or a boyfriend shirt over a bikini to create that minimalist style. A tip: if your bikini has bold patterns or details, try choosing simple outerwear for a balanced look. 

  1. Straw hat

Straw hat is undoubtedly the signature item of every summer photoshoot that will effortlessly breathe charm into your summer outfit. Straw hats now come in different styles and sizes, from wide-brimmed to Panama hats, for you to mix and match. For an extra fabulous look, you can also style a straw hat with a bandana. 

  1. Cargo pants

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A bikini with cargo pants is the Gen Z of summer style. You can mix the outfit with either a simple slip-on for a day on the beach or high heels for a more sophisticated look. A pair of short jeans and bikini top can also be a great combo under the sun.

  1. Beach slippers

Beach slippers are a growing trend in the fashion world, especially when summer is coming. Beach slippers have different styles and materials for you to mix and match. Bikinis also go smoothly with straw slippers. The straw material is comfortable to wear, and adds a natrual flair to your look. Trust me, with just a pair of the right beach slippers, you can step up your Instagram game!


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