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chau bui tang tang
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My Dear Neighbor

A 12-hour photo shoot at the home studio with my neighbor Tang Tang.


Covid-19 comes with social distancing, but the pandemic does not distance us from creativity and connection. Everyday my team and I try to brainstorm new ideas to create positive content and photo shoot concepts with a hope to somewhat ease your nerves during this difficult time.

Last week, I and my talented neighbor Tang Tang produced this photo shoot 100% at our “home studio” with minimal equipment and cre. Thanks to the creative lighting setup, the kitchen, garden, and living room were transformed into a magical, fantasy world. All of clothes used in the shoot came from local brands: Công Trí, Tú Quanh, Fanci, and Mien Oi. I always wanted to help promote local designers, not only to Vietnamese audience but internationally as well. I’m super proud to be able to wear these amazingly innovative and eccentric designs.  

I hope this photoshoot was an inspiration to you, and maybe you are also considering having a “home studio” like I did?

Many thanks to photographer Tang Tang, local brands, and my team for making this possible! Check out my Instagram and Facebook to see behind the scene photos of this shoot!

chau bui tang tang

chau bui tang tang

chau bui tang tang

chau bui tang tang chau bui tang tang chau bui tang tang

chau bui tang tang

chau bui tang tang chau bui tang tang

Photo: Tang Tang Studio
Stylist: Phạm Bảo Luận
Make up: Quí Đoàn
Hairstyle: Thượng Gia Kỳ
Clothes: Công Trí, Tú Quanh, Fanci, Mien Oi


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