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Yellow, Red, Green: a trend report from the Spring/Summer 2022 runways

Which color is your favorite?


An extremely explosive Fashion Week season has just ended! New York Fashion is sophisticated and modern, Milan is always so glamorous, while Paris is the dreamiest of them all. Let’s review the most prominent color trends for Spring Summer 2022.

Butter Yellow

Friendly, playful, and upbeat pale yellow tones offer the promise of a sunny day. The buttery yellow tones used on the Spring/Summer 2022 catwalk create a feeling of joy, a fresh breeze, a day of outdoor picnics and  perfect for a summer wedding. 

Midnight Brown


The neutral brown color is associated with traveling and brings a sense of freedom. This color is back on track, classic but equally outstanding when combined with vibrant colors to create a feeling of joy for Spring/Summer 2022.

Bubblegum Pink

The bright candy pink color carries a message of joy and positivity. Bubblegum pink can be worn with pastel colors to increase prominence or ton sur ton to create a trendy outfit. 


A soft green that gives a feeling of softness and nobility. Contrary to the vibrant hot colors like yellow or pink, this green algae brings calmness and comfort while embracing femininity, as refreshing as resting under the shades in a hot summer day.  

Mindful Pales

This hard-to-define gray has become a favorite neutral for the Spring/Summer 2022 collections. Soft tones always bring a sense of peace, comfort, and balance. This is especially a color worth trying for fans of minimalism. This blue-gray color would go great with an oversized suit or ton sur ton outfit if you want to give this a try.

Magma Orange 

Hot orange is one of the most dominant colors for Spring Summer 2022. From Copenhagen to New York and Milan, designers take turns to put magma orange on long dresses, accessories, shoes, and swimwear. This color definitely gives a sense of optimism the clothes.

Preppy Red 

The red color of the next spring-summer season is mixed with a bit of orange to bring a youthful but equally impressive feel to the outfit. Red is also the color of power and energy, of youth and persistence, something we all value after a year of pandemic. 

Chartreuse & Lime Green 

Lime green continues to be a popular color for next spring and summer. This shade of green has a modern, digital feel to it, and it is born to be the social media’s favorite. You can wear a whole outfit in green, or choose some accessories such as socks, bags or eyeglasses in this color to stand out from any crowd.


Black is the color of mystery and confidence. The dominance of black is a safe choice but never boring. Spring-Summer black outfits are paired with bold and sexy cuts. These dresses are great ideas for a fun and glamourous dinner party.


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