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Why I started on an eat clean journey (and how it changed my life!)

Updating the recent positive changes in my eating habits, self-love journey, and lifestyle.


“Eat clean” has become kind of a buzzword among Gen Z and Millennials. And as many of you may have already known, I started eating clean for over a year now. My followers have also shared their stories about their clean eating journey and how their health has improved. In this post, I want to share more about my motivation, challenges, and goals in my journey of clean eating. I hope you will find this blog post helpful if you are thinking of eating clean, or maybe are already on the way. Now let’s get started!

First, what is clean eating?

Clean eating is a diet based on prioritizing whole foods and avoiding processed foods. What I love about this diet is it does not limit to any food group but focuses on ingredients that are good for your body, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins. You don’t need to skip meals or eat less, either. It’s all about moderation and trying out a diet that works best for your body and your lifestyle.

Why do I eat clean?

A few years ago, I weighed only 39kg. My body felt weak. I did not have enough energy to keep up with my intense schedule. At one point, I know I’d have to make changes in my lifestyle. So I decided to change my exercise routine and my diet, to improve quality of life. That was when I started to learn about clean eating. 

I realize my clean-eating journey is also my self-love journey. I have to listen to what my body needs and find a way to nurture both my body and mind. 

How has my life changed since I eat clean?

Everything! From my mental to physical health, I definitely see a change after I started to eat clean. I feel stronger physically. I gain healthy weight. I have more energy to work. I also feel much better, more confident,  stronger with extra energy to meet my tight schedule. Along with that, I also feel more confident, cheerful, and productive.

Besides, following the eat-clean diet, I know exactly what goes in my body and how much energy and nutrition it provides; so I can make sure my body has enough energy for whatever I need to do for the day. Plus, every day becomes more exciting as I get to try out different clean recipes in my kitchen.

Is clean eating trendy or actually life-changing?

Clean eating is definitely a buzz nowadays on social media. There are literally thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to this lifestyle. Personally, I think it’s really great that clean eating has become so popular. It means that people now care more about what they eat, how food affects their body and mind, and how their lives can change for the better by changing their diet. It’s definitely a positive change for the community as a whole. It does not matter if you eat clean because of all the #cleaneating posts on Instagram; it still IS good for your body.

If you are consistent, the trend will soon become a habit, and you will see positive changes in your life. Now that my body is used to clean eating, whenever I eat fried food, I would instantly get stomach ache or indigestion. So my advice is to listen to your body to know which diet is the best for you.  

Tips for beginners to start clean eating 

Many people are mistaken for clean eating with fasting. But let me tell you, fasting is the last thing it is. Fasting on a schedule can be good sometimes, but starving yourself will never bring long-term results. Instead, do find the right diet for you.

Here I have some clean eating recipes for you to try out. I guarantee they are easy to cook and super delicious to! 

Here’re a few more habits that worked well for me when I started to eat clean: 

  • Switch to sugar-free drinks when I dine out
  • Cut back on junk food. Eat fruit, high-fiber foods, drink lots of water when hungry or more likely, bored
  • Slowly reduce and then completely remove fried foods from your diet. Switch to boiled, steamed food instead.
  • Reduce fast-digesting carbs and red meat in your meals
  • Increase white meat and fish in your diet

I believe picking up a new diet, especially a healthy one, should not be complicated. Gradually replace your daily meals with healthier options. Do not abruptly or excessively reduce your diet. The first steps to clean eating are very important, so remember to find a suitable schedule for yourself! Be patient and be consistent; you can certainly do it.

Do comment and share your best diet tips and questions below! 


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