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From the runway

Which micro are you?

Swooning over the micro trend bag.


One of this year’s standout collections from Maison Dior is the micro versions of the house’s iconic bags, including Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, Saddle, and Dior Caro. These cute little bags have made fashionistas around the world swoon over. If you observe the production process of the Dior micro bag, you will see the meticulousness in every detail that the house’s artisans have devoted to this design.

Only about 10cm tall and almost compact in the palm of your hand, Dior’s micro bag can fit a lipstick, headphones, bank card or a mask when going out. For me, the micro Lady Dior in particular is a statement accessory,  which suits for many different situations and styles. Additionally, the Dior micro bag collection also has many colors to choose from, from black, lipstick red, latte or vibrant pastel colors.

Which micro bag will you choose in Dior’s collection?

dior micro bag


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