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Tips trang điểm lâu trôi khi đeo khẩu trang
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Tips for long-lasting make-up while wearing masks 

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I reckon that even after the social distancing period, masks will still be a crucial accessory whenever we go out. So how does one keep their make-up long-lasting while wearing a mask? Here are some tips you should not miss! 

Start with a healthy, even skin 

I always believe that pretty makeup starts with healthy skin. So, basic skin care is a must before putting on make-up. These skincare steps are called skin-prep, which means preparing our skin to be bright, pretty, smooth before applying make-up products. For me, the most important steps are cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and lastly, sun protection. 

A video tutorial on how to wear make-up with masks 

Use primer 

Many people are hesitant to use primer because they’re afraid of clogged pores, which lead to pimples. However, a good primer actually helps seal the skincare protection on the skin, and creates a base that keeps your makeup long-lasting. Apart from that, brands now all have primers that are extremely light-weighted, so you guys should give them a try. I don’t use primer for my entire face but mostly in areas around my nose, mouth, forehead, since these are the places that are most oil-prone. You can also use primer for your eyelids if you are going for a bold eye look. 

Choose a suitable foundation 

Choosing a suitable foundation is considered the most important step in make-up. Since we have to wear our masks in Saigon’s quite hot and humid weather, I go for the most light-weighted one possible. Specifically, my foundations are always oil-free, otherwise they will be all over the place while I wear mask, which is unhygienic and will cause pimples. I also don’t apply foundation on my entire face but only focus on the T-zone or areas with blemishes. Do keep in mind that you should not apply a thick layer on your skin at once, but rather slowly blend thin layers out evenly, so the foundation will hold longer. 

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara 

When we are wearing masks, our eye make-up is probably the focal point of our faces. I usually go for a simple eye make-up look (since my skills are limited hic), starting with a primer on the eyelids, and then a neutral tone eyeshadow. I like to use black or dark brown eyeliners to create a cat-eye look. If I have more time, I will also put on some brown eyeshadow at the outer lids to add dimensions. And at the end, a layer of waterproof mascara! 

A video tutorial on long-lasting summer make-up that I really enjoy!

Apply lipsticks in multiple layers 

Lipsticks are the easiest products to be mushed away when we are wearing masks. But to go out without lipsticks is so uncomfortable, so I will still put some on even though I am wearing a mask. My tip for this is to apply lipsticks in thin layers. I would put on the first layer, then patch it up with tissues so it’s thinner, more-natural, and then apply another layer. Just keep doing that until you are satisfied with the color. I learned this from make-up artists when I went on photoshoots. With this technique, we can go out and eat all day without our lipsticks fading away. 

Put on setting powder or setting spray 

For the final step, I would use some translucent setting powder on areas that are oil-prone, such as nose, forehead, and a little bit on the lips so the lipstick is more long-lasting. If you are not a fan of powder, you can also try a make-up setting spray.

I hope you are more confident with these tips of putting on make-up while wearing masks! 


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