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From the runway

The spirit of Tet

A special photoshoot for a special new year.


I always feel a mixed of emotions for Tet.

Tet is when I can shrug off your worries even for a brief moment to fully emerge in the joy of family gathering. Tet is when I can reflect on the last year, on my self, my career and personal goals. Tet is also when I miss who’s gone and feel grateful for those who are still here. Tet is without a doubt the most special occasion in a year for Vietnamese people. 

Every year, I’d work with the team to create a new concept for the Tet photo shoot. Our inspiration this year came simple from “Tet,” captured in the beautiful designs by Vietnamese designers. These days, I feel the Tet spirit everywhere, in the streets, in fashion, and most of all in my heart as I finally arrive home.

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this possible!


Photo: Ky Anh Tran

Video maker: Andrew

Fashion Direction: Dada

Make up: Hiwon

Lighting: Phát Đặng

Stylist Assistant: buidongduy

Costume: Dada.ww – Nguyễn Hồng Thanh – Đào Minh Hiếu – Phan Gia Hân


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