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The designer handbags worth splurging on

An investment-worthy bag not only is beautiful and stylish but also remains its buying value through the seasons.


A handbag is an indispensable accessory for women when going out. It’s practical, but also a personal statement. It can make or break an outfit, and is considered an investment that can produce profit in the long run. 

Although every year, the fashion world will go crazy with flashy IT bags, the classic designs will never go out of style. When choosing to buy a new handbag, I will always answer 3 questions: Is this really my style? Is it a timeless piece? And is it a good investment? 

Chanel 11.12

chanel flap bag

The Chanel 11.12 bag, also known as the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, is definitely one of the most popular handbags in the world. I fell in love with this design a long time ago, as it’s practical, stylish, luxurious and timeless all in one. It’s also easy to mix match. Black is an obvious choice for your first Chanel Flap Bag, but you can also pick for a variety of colors and styles that come out every season. 

Each year, the price of the 11.12 increases by 20-25%, making this an extremely profitable investment if you are thinking about choosing a classic bag for your wardrobe. 

Lady Dior

chau bui dior

The Lady Dior bag was launched in 1994 and immediately became one of Dior’s best-selling items. This is a favorite of Princess Di’s when she was alive. 

Since its launch, Lady Dior has undergone many changes in design and become more modern and elegant. The bag is widely recognized for its soft lambskin, top stitched with the iconic Cannage motif, round handles and D.I.O.R charms. Lady Dior also has many sizes to choose from. I love a small Lady Dior to wear with casual shirts and jeans, but also carry for a night out. 

Did you know Lady Dior bag and I share the same nickname, chouchou (meaning “love” in French)? A cute coincidence that melted my heart!

Prada Cleo

2020 saw a surprisingly strong comeback for Prada as a brand, thanks to this cutie, the Prada Cleo bag. Launched in the early 90s, Prada Cleo is forever a favorite among fans of the house, thanks to its simple yet stylish shoulder bag design.

When Prada reissued the Cleo bag in 2020, it got an upgrade with many striking color versions. But the most popular one is still the glossy black Cleo, reminding us of a rebellious 90s era. Prada Cleo is definitely a classic bag design worth investing in.

Gucci Jackie

When Alessandro Michele released the AW20 collection, fashion fans were thrilled to see the classic Gucci Jackie bag worn with every outfit in the collection. Born in 1961 and named after First Lady Jackie Kenedy, Gucci’s most famous bag design was over four decades old. With the 2.0 Gucci Jackie released last year, in addition to the monogram and classic flower print version, customers can now choose from many colors and textures, ranging from   glossy leather to lilac purple, pink, and baby blue. Whether in mini size or larger, this is the perfect day to night bag for your wardrobe.

Louis Vuitton Twist Bag

chau bui LV

A new addition to Louis Vuitton’s classic collection, the Twist Bag became as popular as Neverfull or Speedy. It is a bag with a modern design, with distinctive Epi leather and incredibly stylish hardware, embodying the spirit of Louis Vuitton under designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

The bag has both a leather strap and a chain strap, which makes it fun to adjust, switch up and mix match with different outfits. This summer, LV also launched a range of vibrant new colors and patterns, making it the perfect city bag for the summer.  

Dior Book Tote Bag 

chau bui dior tote bag

Launched in 2018, the Dior Book Tote Bag is the perfect bag for someone like me, who carry a lot of stuff in a handbag whenever I go out. The Dior Book Tote looks very simple in design, but Dior craftsmen spent over 37 hours and more than 1.5 million hand stitches to finish its signature print?

Since its launch, the Dior Book Tote has become one of the iconic designs for the French fashion house. The bag comes in 3 different sizes. Of course, I have chosen the largest size for convenience when traveling or shopping!

Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes Birkin is so popular that you have surely heard about it, whether or not you’re familiar with the world of designer handbags. Although I admire the history and design of the Hermes Birkin, I also know that this is the most luxurious bag in the world that not everyone can own, especially because Hermes deliberately produces the Birkins in very limited  quantities annually to guarantee quality and branding. The most amazing thing about the Hermes Birkin for me is that each bag is entirely handmade, so no two Hermes Birkin are precisely the same. Because of its rarity and high price tag, the Hermes Birkin is the dream of many women worldwide. It is undoubtedly an extremely profitable investment for anyone fortunate enough to own this bag.

What is your dream designer handbag? Comment below!


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