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SUBLIMAGE L’ESSENCE FONDAMENTALE YEUX – A new addition to CHANEL’s most precious skincare line

The ultimate luxury of skincare.


Our eyes speak a thousand words. They can communicate our emotions in the space of an instant. Joy, love, sadness, compassion, surprise… The singularity of each individual’s eyes is also the product of a subtle, harmonious equation between the eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes, all of which help make them unique.

To keep the eyes sparkling and ensure they retain their expression, the area around them requires special care, as it is the most delicate part of the face and the skin is very thin. To protect this sensitive area from an ever-increasing number of external stressors, CHANEL has developed a comprehensive skincare treatment for 2022: SUBLIMAGE L’ESSENCE FONDAMENTALE YEUX. A serum that reframes the eye area.

L’ESSENCE FONDAMENTALE YEUX joins CHANEL’s most precious skincare line: SUBLIMAGE. It is tailored to cater individuals of all ages, at every step of the skincare ritual. The epitome of luxury, combines pleasure with efficacy, enhancing one’s beauty and helping set the stage to address skin aging.

The new product will be launched at our Boutiques on April 1st.


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