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Spencer: When fairytales don’t mean happily-ever-after

The most anticipated biographical film of 2021.


Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer” starring Kristen Stewart will officially premiere this November. “Spencer” released a trailer and a stunning poster depicting the tragic loneliness of Princess Diana in her unfortunate marriage with Prince Charles.

The movie is set on a weekend in 1990. The royal family gathered at Sandringham House to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Behind the glamorous parties and lively atmosphere around the estate, Princess Diana was going through some painful days as Prince Charle’s affairs became public. A modern-day princess who was beloved by the people, suddenly realized her fairytale marriage was ending.

Over the course of a 3-day weekend, director Larraín (who also directed the movie “Jackie” depicting the life of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy) previously stated that the film would not mention the death of Princess Diana but rather dive into Dina’s inner thoughts and ego before leaving her husband.

Kristen Stewart is almost unrecognizable in character with her British accent and make-up. Although there are many controversies around the decision to cast Kristen Stewart for this heavy biographical movie, we can see from the trailer that she worked hard to express the princess’s inner conflict and hope for freedom.

One thing for sure is that the fashion in “Spencer” will be royally dreamy. Princess Diana was a classic
fashion icon. Plus, the costumes in “Spencer” were designed by Jacqueline Durran, a legend in Hollywood, who designed Keira Knightley’s gorgeous green dress in “Atonement”. The white gown in the movie poster is strikingly similar to the one Princess Diana wore to the premiere of “007” in 1987.

spencer movie poster
The other outfits that Kristen Stewart donned on in promotional photos for “Spencer” also took inspiration from the ones that Princess Diana wore in reality.

spencer movie
Photo: Film Daily

“Spencer” will be released at the end of this year.


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