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Rose Hermès – luxurious shades of pink for Spring Summer 2021

The perfect pinks for your natural make-up looks.


Rose Hermès is the latest collection in the famous fashion house’s cosmetic line, featuring luxurious bright pink lipsticks and blushes for Spring Summer 2021.

Rose Hermès includes blushes and balms, inspired by a silky pink hue. Must-have products are three limited lipstick colors named Beige Ebloui (warm nude pink), Rose Oasis (hot pink) and Coral Aqua (bright magenta). Defined by the French fashion house as “the embodiment of positive energy”, these lipsticks can immediately bring a sense of delight and happiness. For me, nude pink and bright red are definitely two must-have colors this summer.

The powdered blushes are also a personal favorite. It seemed that the powder box represented something outdated when now brands often launch cream or stick blushes. But for me, this is a symbol of luxury and class. The fact that you have a box of blush in your bag to reapply when you go out, it is a beauty to be cherished and indulged in.

In addition, the blushes are very natural, perfect for my every-day make-up. Hermès Beauté creative director Jérôme Touron described blush as a natural flush for a woman’s cheeks, an expression of her confidence and class.

The collection features 8 shades of blush in a luxurious leather case, two blush brushes and three lip balms. I love that every detail is meticulously designed and feels luxurious. The Rose Hermès collection is not only a beauty product, but also a fashion accessory to celebrate your personal style.



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