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robertson quay riverside spot
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A day of relaxation at Robertson Quay in Singapore

A tranquil riverside spot for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle.


Robertson Quay is one of the three largest wharfs of Singapore. Located along the bank of the Singapore River, it has a different lifestyle compared to Clarke Quay located on the same riverside. If Clarke Quay is famous for its vibrant nightlife culture such as bars and discos, Robertson Quay is the place where tourists choose to chill.

robertson quay
(Cre: HoneyAsia Kids)

Robertson Quay’s main attractions are its picturesque cafes, specialty restaurants and village-style squares. Besides, this is considered an ideal tourist destination for families with children as there are some big malls and relaxed activities on the river which they can see families of otters frolicking around the boat. Ready to explore?

night at robertson quay
(Cre: Erwin Soo)

What to visit?

The Alkaff Bridge is a very unique bridge. Painted in a variety of vibrant colors, it is also known as the Art Bridge and was the first bridge in Singapore to be inspired by art. It’s great to soak into the scenery and snap some Insta-worthy photos!

alkaff brigde
(Cre: Robertson Quay)

Singapore Tyler Print Institute, a free display of paper art installations and printed materials. If you are into theatre, Theater Works, the theater company and Singapore Repertory Theatre, known for acclaimed classics like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, definitely will not let you down.

Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Singapore Tyler Print Institute (Cre: STPI)
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Singapore Repertory Theatre (Cre: Robb Report Singapore)

Lau Pat Sat Market is a very popular place where you get to enjoy delicious authentic hawker food. In Hokkien, Lau Pat Sat means “ancient market”. It was one of Singapore’s earliest wet marketplaces over 150 years ago, and was originally known as Telok Ayer Market in 1825.

Lau Pat Sat Market
(Cre: Adobe Stock)

If you are a fan of adventure, you should not miss G-Max Reverse Bungee. The normal bungee is a challenge but the reverse one is sure to make you howl. It is refreshing to have a bird’s eye view of the Singapore River from here. Of course, this is not a game for faint-hearted people.

G Max Reverse Bungee
(Cre: Tiket)

Where to shop?

Robertson Walk Shopping Mall is the best shopping center in Robertson Quay. The ambience is pleasant and soothing, thanks to the Mediterranean architectural architecture. Whether you wish to splash some cash or simply do some window-shopping, the Robertson Walk Shopping Mall is an excellent local destination for a fun day out.

robertson quay walk shopping mall
(Cre: Robertson Quay)

UE Square Shopping Mall is another popular shopping mall near Robertson Quay. It offers a large directory of stores, a range of restaurants and plenty of events and activities. The shopping mall is based across four levels, with plenty of shops to browse.

ue square shopping mall
(Cre: Robertson Quay)

Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s top shopping destinations, is just a short walk from Robertson Quay. Offering the very best state-of-the-art shopping malls, big designer names and popular Asian and Western brands, Orchard Road is a one-stop shopping destination for everything you might need. There are also plenty of events held on Orchard Road throughout the year, so do some research to figure out what is on during your stay.

Orchard Road
(Cre: Visiting Singapore)

What for meals?

You have a wide range of dining options here such as Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza in the city. If you are into whiskey, it is worth to try 50-year-old vintage bottles at La Maison Du Whiskey.

bella pasta
(Cre: Bella Pasta)

Newly opened at Robertson Quay, D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant guarantees a delightful dining experience in a beautiful modern yet casual setting with delicious Italian cheese “DOPed”, burrata cheese and more.

dop pizza
(Cre: D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant)

Where to stay?

Next time you’re in Singapore, consider staying at the lovely M Social Singapore for a relaxing, convenient stay at Robertson Quay.

(Cre: @chaubui_)
(Cre: @chaubui_)

M Social Singapore is a lifestyle boutique hotel in Robertson Quay. Highlights of this hotel that win you over are the chic loft and alcove interiors design, full-length windows for a picturesque view of Robertson Quay and the outdoor infinity pool.

(Cre: Cntraveler)
hotel pool
(Cre: Agoda)

One of the highlights here is the tasty food. Beast & Butterflies Restaurant and Bar located at 90 Robertson Quay, Level 1, serves a variety of Alfresco Cuisine.  Using finest ingredients Beast & Butterflies offer new dishes such as: Snapper Ceviche and Creamy Lobster Pasta – canada lobster claws starting from $22++ | High quality Australian angus beef – cuts: striploin, tenderloin, ribeye, and prime rib of beef starting from $38++.

(Cre: @chaubui_)

I had a great time exploring the open communal spaces, DIY Cocktail Kit and enjoying the pool side here. M Social Singapore is my recommendation for both your staycations and business trips. Check out their current rooms and offers here.

(Cre: @chaubui_)
(Cre: @chaubui_)
m social singapore room
(Cre: Hotel Combined)


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