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N°1 DE CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream

Winter’s chill leaves but bursts of radiance in its wake.


The red camellia is a fleshy, dense, and radiant flower. Winter never takes it by surprise. It emerges when the weather turns bitterly cold, revealing all its splendor.

The camellia is always a step ahead, working permanently to produce new stems, new branches, new leaves, and when winter comes, new flowers. Therein lies the essence of a plant that can exist and withstand time, even a long time, only by growing and regenerating itself perpetually. The plant that we too often perceive as passive and fragile owing to its fixedness, is in fact fabulously powerful.N°1 DE CHANEL campaign

CHANEL has harnessed the red camellia’s intelligent capacity for resistance and resilience and applied it to a new skincare product: N°1 DE CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream.

For the very first time, CHANEL Research has developed an anti-aging skincare product enriched with camellia ceramides, produced through a process that is 100% natural.

A formula enriched with camellia ceramides

Ceramides are lipids naturally found in the skin. They play a vital role in keeping it healthy and protecting it from external aggressors. Like a sort of natural cement, ceramides create a barrier for the epidermis that locks in moisture by preventing excessive water loss. Over time, they diminish in both quantity and quality, a phenomenon that is exacerbated when the skin is exposed to cold weather. It dries out and develops redness. When skin loses moisture, wrinkles appear accentuated.

To combat this phenomenon, CHANEL has expanded the holistic and anti-aging with an eco-responsible approach beauty ritual associated with the N°1 DE CHANEL line. The Rich Revitalizing Cream formulated with red camellia is the new ally for combating signs of aging and the harmful effects of cold weather with ease.

Tested by women in Canada under real-use conditions*, N°1 DE CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream has proven to be effective at addressing major wintertime concerns as well as signs of aging: redness is reduced (-61%**), skin appears less dry (-93%**), and wrinkles are smoothed (-22%**).N°1 DE CHANEL products

At the heart of N°1 DE CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream, the red camellia extract acts on the N°1 stage of skin aging by boosting the vitality of skin cells. Visibly nourished, skin is protected from cold weather by camellia ceramides and a yeast extract—derived from the Pichia genus, found in the camellia microbiota—which work together to strengthen its barrier function, and camellia oil, which helps keep skin hydrated.


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