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From the runway

My unforgettable memories with Gucci

Happy birthday Gucci!


For me, Gucci has always been a brand full of creativity and inspiration. I have been fortunate to travel with Gucci through many events and campaigns around the world, and the experience of attending the Gucci show in Milan in 2019 remains one of my most favorite moments in my fashion career.

On the occasion of celebrating the #Gucci100 anniversary, let’s look back at the best memories I had with Gucci!

One of the first magazine shoots I worked with Gucci on was the December 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

In 2019, I participated in the campaign to launch Gucci’s Zumi bag line with a photo series taken at bus stations in Hanoi.

May 2019 marked one of the first international Gucci events that I attended. This is a press-exclusive collection launching event in Bangkok. Many fashionistas and stylists representing countries in the region attended this event.

I attended a Gucci show for the first time during the 2019 Milan Fashion Week. My outfit that day was published in many fashion magazines such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. It’s definitely one of my most favorite moments with Gucci!

chaubui gucci

I traveled to Tokyo in December 2019 to visit a Gucci store opening. I was very impressed with the store space in Tokyo during this event.

chaubui gucci

In the campaign to launch the Gucci Jackie bag, I once again had the opportunity to create and transform myself. We played around with some mythic themes in this photoshoot. These might the most creative photos that I shot with Gucci!

My best friend and I did a photoshoot around Ho Chi Minh city to celebrate the launch of Gucci x Doraemon collection in 2020.

chau bui kai x gucci

The Gucci x Kai collection launched in April 2021 was also one of the most iconic collaborations by Gucci in my opinion.

And this is the latest Gucci event I attended. This is the Kai x Gucci launch event in Ho Chi Minh City. I chose to wear designs from the Gucci Multicolor collection at this event.


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