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My top 7 non-touristy destinations in New York

New York has more than just the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building or skyscrapers.


New York is one of my favorite cities in the world, a metropolitan dream that’s stylishly inspirational.  During my time in New York Fashion Week, I have pocketed some destinations I would love to come back to once the pandemic is over.

  1. MoMA – Museum of Modern Art
Image: Conde Nast Traveler

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is my favorite museum in New York with thousands of art pieces displayed in an enormous 6-floor space. MoMA is definitely the heaven for art nerds featuring all kinds of artwork from sculptures, paintings, to films and interior decorations. Besides the works by modern artists, MoMA also exhibits classic pieces like “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh or Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”.

The MoMA store, located right next to the exhibition space, is a great place to shop for unique items. Souvenirs such as mugs, tote bags or earrings with fun designs make the perfect gifts for your loved ones at home. 

  1. High Line 
Image: BBC

High Line is a 2km-long elevated linear park, built on top of a former rail path. It is the icon for urban architecture in New York. Walking on the High Line, with green shades all around on a sunny day is an activity that screams New York summer. Along the park are the benches and stairs for visitors to sit down and watch the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan.  

  1. Koreatown 

Image: Wikipedia

Koreatown or Ktown is located at W 32th street, 10 blocks away from Time Square. This is a fun neighborhood crowded with people hunting for good Korean food or weekend entertainment. Do you see the similarity of Ktown and the famous Itaewon In Seoul? On this street, you can easily find a cup of Gong Cha boba tea, Korean cosmetics, or a nice Korean BBQ place. My recommendation is Gopchang Story for BBQ intestines. What can be more cozy than sitting down with friends at a BBQ table and drinking a cup of soju on a chill windy New York day?

  1. Little Italy – Chinatown 

It’s true to say that New York is a salad bowl for having different cultures living together within the city while maintaining their separate identities. In Manhattan, besides Ktown I just mentioned above, there are Little Italy and Chinatown. These are two neighboring areas so it’s very convenient to go to both places in one visit.

Image: Destination 360

At Little Italy, you get to walk between the buildings with European influence, pass by a colorful gelato stall or date night with your special someone at an Italian bistro with authentic cheese platters and spaghetti. 6 minutes walking from Little Italy, you will find yourself standing at Chinatown, surrounded by Asian flea markets and dimsum restaurants. I recommend you try out the famous xiao long bao (soup dumpling) at Joe’s Shanghai.

  1. Chelsea Market
Image: Guest of A Guest

This is a complex of restaurants, a bookstore, offices, and shopping malls established in 1997. A fun fact about this place: Chelsea Market was built on the ground of a cookie factory, where Oreo was created. If you want to try American cuisine, don’t miss Chelsea Market on your trip because it has super delicious bagels, cheese, and even fresh lobsters with reasonable prices.

  1. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Image: NYC go

Williamsburg is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the whole NYC with walls full of graffiti and the hipster spirit around every street corner. Standing anywhere in Williamsburg, you can easily have an Instagrammable street style photo with trendy coffee shops and unique street art in the background.

  1. NYC Subway

It’s a huge miss if you came to New York but did not try the subway. If the skyscrapers are the face of New York, then the subway is the city’s soul. With 36 lines running 24/7 throughout 5 boroughs, NYC subway can take you any where at any time. 

Image: Gothamist

Not just transportation, the NYC subway has some stunning stations. For example, this photo shows the glass mosaic artwork on the wall at the 28th street station. The subway station at Fulton Center has a futuristic look with a high glass dome. If you are lucky, you can watch the street artists perform at one of these underground stations. Getting lost in NYC subways is also a very New York thing to do!

New York is a massively interesting city. Everyone will have their own version of New York. I’m so glad to share mine with you. I really hope that you will have the chance to visit this unique city at least once when we can travel again. 


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Aug 02, 2021 12:03
These are all highly touristy tbh
Aug 09, 2021 06:08
I thought the title said non touristy. I guess for a tourist they may seem not touristy. But then again gone are they days of underground clubs and individuality...
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