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My favorite coffee shops in Saigon

Save these cafes for the next time you visit Saigon!


Besides the coffee chains that are a favorite for young people to study and work, there are plenty of coffee shops in Saigon that are beautifully designed and offer wonderful services and customer experience. Living in Saigon for the last 5 years, I’m confident to say that cafes are the first place  would choose to socialize on a daily basis.

Here are my top 5 favorite coffee shops in Saigon!

1. Dabao Concept – Co Do

Dabao Concept cafe has 3 branches in Saigon and each branch is decorated in a different style. I was most impressed with the Dabao Concept on Tu Xuong street, which was inspired by the ancient capital of Hue. This is also the biggest branch of Dabao Concept with plenty of outdoor space, along with elegant and nostalgic architecture. The whole ambience feels very poetic, quiet and calm. It’s also super photogenic for those of you living for the ‘gram!

Address: 18 Tu Xuong, District 3

2. Pora Pora

Pora Pora is minimalist coffee shop located in the heart of Saigon. The highlight of the cafe is the rooftop that is always full of bright, beautiful sunlight. The way this coffee shop is decorated will make you feel like you’re sunbathing at a Mediterranean beach with palm trees, cactus and gravel floor. Definitely an lovely oasis to get lost in within the big metropolitan city of Saigon! The only thing you should know is that the space is not too big, so don’t come by at peak hours!

Address: 13 Nguyen Trai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

3. September Saigon

The space of September Saigon reminds me of a garden in the clouds, if that makes any sense. The main color theme of the shop is ivory white and earthy orange, combined lots of greeneries, which creates such a beautiful harmony for the space. The cafe has many floors and open space, so you can choose whichever corner you like best to enjoy some refreshing drinks.

Address: 47-49 Vinh Hoi, Ward 4, District 4

4. Danshari Coffee

Danshari Coffee has a minimalist Japanese style, which is definitely different from other coffee shops in the city. The decoration of this looks quite simple but extremely meticulous and delicate. I love how the cafe uses gray, beige, and brow in everything here, from the tables, chairs to little coffee mugs. A great choice for people looking for a minimal, quiet place to study or work!

Address: 133/3 Nguyen Chi Thanh St, D5, HCMC

5. BStory Cafe

BStory Cafe is somewhat more stylized that other coffee shops. Form the outside, it really stands out with large glass windows and beautiful greeneries. The interior is filled with Western-like furniture, which feels cozy when you visit during the holidays. The drink menu here is pretty well-crafted as well. This is where I usually go to when meeting up with some close friends.

Address: 57E Tu Xuong, Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City


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