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Lạc lối ở Tokyo
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Lost in Tokyo

Must-try activities in Tokyo!


One of the destinations I definitely will visit again after COVID-19 is Tokyo, Japan. If you have a chance to travel to Tokyo, don’t forget to “get lost” in this major metropolis through these must-try activities!

1. Visit museums

teamLab borderless tokyo
teamlab Borderless Tokyo. Image – Time Out

The experience of visiting museums in Tokyo is very special, not only because of the enormous & diverse collections on display but also the sleek, modern architecture that you’ll see in every museum. If you are a fan of history and art, museums like Tokyo National Art Museum, Edo-Tokyo Museum, or Tokyo Photographic Art Museum are definitely top of the list. Besides, don’t forget to pay a visit to the one-of-a-kind museums in Japan, such as Ghibli museum or teamLab Borderless Tokyo, where you will certainly have the most Instagrammable photos.

  1. Shopping for vintage items

I suggest you to skip the hustling shopping malls and instead, seek for the unique vintage shops in Tokyo. Vintage shopping is one of the most popular activities for Japanese women. When I visited Tokyo, I spent hours among the vintage stores in Harajuku, Shibuya, or Koenji. Here you will not only find luxury items with affordable prices but also a vibrant scene of vintage blazers, cardigans, shoes, and accessories.

3. Visit pagodas


Going to pagodas is also a very interesting experience in Japan. In the peaceful, silent space, visitors will go to a pond containing clean, fresh water to wash their hands as a gesture of cleansing before seeing the gods. After the custom of praying, Japanese also have a tradition of tossing a coin which is believed to bring goodness to your prayer. The most famous pagodas in Tokyo are Meiji shrine (inside Yoyogi park), Sensoji shrine, and Tenoji pagoda.

4. Go on a food tour

Image – Newsweek

If you are a Japanese-food-lover like me, I highly recommend you book a food tour to try out famous dishes around the city. Besides the typical Japanese cuisine like sushi, ramen, shabu-shabu, you should also try street food such as BBQ (yakitori), pancakes (okonomiyaki), red-bean pastry (taiyaki), ice-cream, and octopus ball (takoyaki). Many food tours also offer the experience of going to the world’s largest fish market Tsukiji, making sushi with your own hands or joining a baking class.

5. Cafes

tọkyo coffee shops
Image – Culture Trip

The coffee culture in Tokyo is very diverse. Besides the modern, minimal coffee shops that have always been the iconic image of Japan, you can pay a visit to the tea houses in the ancient town of Tokyo. Or if you are up to something fun, I also recommend the manga & anime cafe. Personally, I visited all the Starbucks stores in Tokyo because their architecture and set up are extremely unique, unlike anywhere I’ve tried in the world. 

6. Experience Tokyo’s nightlife

tokyo night life
Image – Tourist Secrets

Lastly, Tokyo nightlife is a must see (and do!) in Japan. Shinjuku and Shibuya are the two popular areas among young people in Tokyo. They go here for a vibrant bar, club, and karaoke scene. A special thing about these areas is although they are very busy, you will feel quite safe. Wandering the streets late at night, sipping a noodle bowl on the sidewalk is also a memorable experience in Tokyo.

Besides these above activities, you can also visit Disneyland Tokyo, shop at Ginza, try crossing the street at Shibuya, hop on a subway train or buy one-of-a-kind items from a vending machine. Hope you will soon have the opportunity to be “lost” in Tokyo!


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