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Is it hard to become a FASHIONISTA?

Châu Bùi and LCDF shared insights about the work of a Fashionista for fashion enthusiasts.


Fashionista is the title for people with an eye for style. They can be content creators, influencers or trendsetters in the fashion industry. 

Regardless of body type, age, appearances, tall – short, skinny – plus-size, old – young, as long as your fashion sense is well – received by others, you can be a fashionista. Since there is not yet any institute that trains professionally for this job, lots of my followers asked how they could study or get prepared to become a fashionista. More importantly, many people also wonder how fashionistas make money. This is where I answer all of your questions!

What should I study to become a fashionista?

First of all, make sure you have these 2 must-have conditions: a passion for fashion, and an eye for style. These will be the two key elements to dictate the success in your long-term career development.

Next you will need to cultivate specific skill sets, study about fashion industry, learn more about photography, media & communications. You can also take classes in stylist, modelling, photography/editing, videography, digital marketing…

What skill sets do I need to be a fashionista?

  • An eye for style: Fashionistas must have an eye for style. To become a fashionista, it’s not simply about putting on a nice outfit but also daring to think outside the box, to creatively mix & match outfits that makes people go “WOW”.
The outfit I chose that gained attention in the Gucci fashion show.
  • Fashion knowledge: Getting hold of new fashion trends, aesthetics, brand awareness will help fashionistas gain more credibility to their followers and brands. 
  • Individuality: It’s not enough just looking nice, you will also have to be unique. Many fashionistas are famous trendsetters whether they are 7 or 70 years old, underweight or plus-size. I believe that their individuality, uniqueness and stories matter, too, which are reflected to their personal styles that fans will fall in love with.
  • Photography skills: Good photos are the most effective way to market yourself and reach your audience. If you want to be a fashionista, learn how to take and edit photos well. Some fashionistas also have their own team to take care of their public image.
  • Know how to market yourself: Don’t just dress well and wait for compliments. Fashionistas need to be proactive via multiple media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, blogs, magazines, books…
  • Be passionate & hardworking: Around the last 3 months of 2019, I only slept 3-4 hours/day because I went from fashion weeks to fashion weeks, not to mention other movie and music projects… I reckon most everyone who succeeded will need to go through this rite of passage in their career path. I still remember how hard my team and I had worked before my first Seoul Fashion Week. Months of preparation in exchange for a few minutes of appearance in a public event where dozens of cameras would be facing me. Brands also do not want to work with someone who just wear nice clothes. They prefer personalities and attitude for a long term collaboration.

I was on the verge of crying when I was struggling to be on my own for the 2019 New York Fashion Week. Without passion, it would be nearly impossible to overcome these hardships.

How do fashionistas earn money?

  • Advertisements: from brand ambassador contracts, PR, reviews, products, personal channel ads…
  • Business: Thanks to the fame and personal platforms with massive engagements, fashionistas can introduce their own merchandises and products and become business owners
  • Consultancy: Consulting for fashion brands, provide mentorship in personal branding, marketing, public speaking, content writing courses,..
As a fashionista and a well-known stylist, Hoàng Ku has beeninvited to take part in many projects such as a judge in The Face, as well as an A-list stylist for clients such as Thanh Hằng, Hoàng Thùy Linh, rapper Karik.
  • Modelling or acting: If you know how to progressively seek for opportunities, the title of a fashionista can bring many chances in the entertainment industry.

You could also work with talent agencies who already have professional teams to assist you in personal branding and monetizing on your platforms.

I hope the information in this article helped you gain more realistic insights in the work of fashionistas, the skill sets you need apart from passions and love. 


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