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How to color block your outfits like a fashionista

Warning: this article has a lot of very colorful photos.


In Vietnam, everyone always loves wearing bright colorful outfits. This may be because of culture, weather or out of habit. Either way, people love to dress in colors for both formal and casual settings.

However, to be able to wear bright and striking colors while remaining sophisticated, there are a few rules you need to practice. Whether you are afraid of colors or simply want to find new ideas for your wardrobe, here are the 5 tips to color-match and/or color block your clothes like true fashionistas.

1/ Find colors that match your skin tone

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Many Asian people think that if your skin is not pale or light, you should not wear bright colors. I myself am a petit and has a rather neutral skin tone, so for a long time I was intimidated with wearing colors. But hear me out, I figured out you just need to find colors that suit your undertone. 

Find out if your undertone is warm, cold or neutral. You can easily Google the telltale signs of your skin tone!

  • Cool skin tones can go with: navy blue, light purple, lilac purple, pink, gray
  • Warm skin tones can go with : brown, green, olive green, yellow, orange, coral, beige
  • Neutral skin tones go well with most colors, especially jade green, red, white, pink

2/ Get acquainted with the color wheel

Color coordination can be considered a science. There are some basic rules of color matching so that you can have a fashionable outfit. The easiest way is to use the color wheel to mix colors. Either use colors next to each other, or opposite each other on the wheel. If you see someone on the street wearing colorful clothes and looking kinda “off”, it is because the colors they choose do not follow the rules of this wheel.

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For example, red and pink tones are next to each other, so they work very well together. Yellow and purple, or green and orange are opposite each other, so choosing these colors for your outfit would be perfect. Even simpler, choose different tones in the same color family to coordinate, for example, light purple mixed with dark purple, mustard yellow combined with lemon yellow.

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What if you want to combine colors with patterns? If you like to wear a floral top with lots of mixed colors, team it up with pants or skirts that have the same color as one of the colors on the shirt.

3/ Keep it simple

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When you have decided to wear an outfit with outstanding colors, you should minimize the details and decorations on your outfit to make the outfit more elegant. It is best to choose items that are classic, for example, high-waisted pants, blazers, A-line skirts, pencil skirts. With such simple items, even with extremely striking colors, the overall outfit is still trendy in any context.

4/ Mix with neutral colors

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This is my favorite way of dressing up in the summer. If you don’t want to look like a “chameleon”, you can combine big, bold colors with more neutral items. A floral shirt can go with a black blazer, a pastel blazer can go with jeans or a beige pencil skirt… That’s why in our wardrobe, there are always items like basic t-shirts, white/black/beige blazers, black/beige pants to mix with louder pieces.

5/ Shine through accessories

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If you are still not sure about using bold colors in your outfit, accessories are where you can experiment with colors! For me, it will be bags with eye-catching colors, such as pink, metallic, blue … to make the most basic outfits more interesting. In addition, multicolored earrings and necklaces are also making a comeback and are a simple way to elevate your outfit to a new, more radiant look.

Share with me your favorite colorful outfits!


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