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From the runway

#GucciAria: Inspired by Reincarnation

Discover the history and the future of Gucci through #GucciAria.


In April 2021, Gucci introduced the #GucciAria collection globally with a digital show celebrating the 100-year history of the famous Italian fashion house. Creative Director Alessandro Michele considered Gucci Aria to be a symbol of rebirth, opening up a new chapter for Gucci.

With this collection, Alessandro Michele delved into the 100-year history of Gucci and unfolded the stories and icons to pay homage to the house. The designer drew inspiration from the Gucci’s archives as well as an experimentally ground-breaking “hacking lab” with Balenciaga.

The equestrian inspiration is evident and bold in the collection, especially through accessories. The signature equestrian cap is embellished with the words “Savoy Club” in honor of the Savoy Hotel in London, where founder Guccio Gucci worked in his youth and found inspirations for some of his most iconic designs that persisted to this day (GG Canvas).

As an evidence to the enduring influencer of the Maison to the lexicon of pop culture, lyrics that refer to Gucci can be found on t-shirts and handbags in a delicate and modern style. Alessandro Michele also played with light in this collection, through embroidered sequins and sparkling heart-shaped clutch, symbolizing the soul of the fashion house: a light of youth lit from within.

In his show notes, Alessandro Michele said: “The myth of the beginning is re-imagined in the light of the present.” And that is the fascination of Gucci Aria: a blend of myth and reality, history and youth, tradition and experimentation. A collection worthy of a 100-year-old Gucci.


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