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From the runway

Exquisite Gucci

And we thought we had had enough collaborations in fashion.


Gucci has returned to Milan Fashion Week after 2 years of absence. To mark the occasion, Alessandro Michele saved us some great surprises with a gender-fluid collection and oh-la-la, a brand new collaboration.

Alessandro Michele found his inspiration in the reflective nature of mirrors in the newest Gucci collection. His show note wrote, “I use the metaphor of the magical mirror to approach the phantasmagorical power of fashion… Altering the stability of perception. Manipulating and magnifying the existing. Through these interventions, I celebrate the clothes as real optical labs: magical machines that can give birth to fairy tales of metamorphosis and re-enchantment.”

The power of metamorphosis through clothes has been something Alessandro Michele focuses on at Gucci since his arrival. That’s why for us, the fashion aficionado, Gucci is so forever enchanting. Wearing Gucci means something beyond being fashionable: it means individuality, living in a world of dreams, and all fantasies are allowed to enter reality. We hold the power through the clothes we choose to wear. Never has it been more true in the Gucci Fall/Winter 2022 collection: fashion/mirrors reflect us, and transform us to all that we could be.

I’m spectacularly impressed with the gender-fluid designs: oversized suits in suede, embellished by crystals and fantastical patterns, giant tote bags and mini carry-ons that work for both men and women. And yet the sensuality of it all is still present through lacy underwear and deep v-neck tops.

But of course, the biggest headline of the night must be the Gucci x adidas collaboration. Alessandro Michele masterfully combined high fashion and athletics, producing such a dynamic and modern aesthetics. The Gucci logo combined with adidas’ trifoil, the legendary three stripes on Gucci’s monograms were quite a sight to witness on the runway last night in Milan.

The accessories are going to be sold out, that’s for sure. The headscarf, boxing gloves and the adidas Gazelle shoes are among highly conveted items comes next Fall.

Which were your favorites among the collections at Milan Fashion Week so far? Comment below!


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