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Dior Cruise 2022
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From the runway

Dior Cruise 2022: Freedom comes from movement

The collection is the intersection of Greek mythology and modern spirit of Maria Grazia Chiuri


Despite the showtime being quite late (2:30 AM Vietnam time), I am still very excited to watch the Dior Cruise 2022 collection, especially as the show takes place in  Greece! And it was worth the anticipation. The collection beautifully combined Greek mythology and the modern spirit to convey a powerful message of feminism and freedom.

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I was very impressed with the unique 150m-long runway constructed around the Panathenaic Stadium, the birth place of the Olympics. Perhaps from this inspiration, the designs of Dior Cruise 2022 felt very sporty, from hoodies, white trainers to the classic Bar Jacket in a bolder shape and more breathable materials.

Maria Grazia Chiuri spent a long time learning about the history of ancient Greece to prepare for this collection. There are plenty of Dior’s toile de Jouy print on draping dresses based on the image of the Greek god statues. She also worked extensively with Greek artisans on the collection. The tailor Aristeidis Tzonevraki created a Book Tote and a Bar Jacket structured by embroidery. The factory Silk Line interpreted Dior’s houndstooth in silk leggings and shorts using its signature jacquard loom. 

My personal favorite from this collections are highly functional and practical item, such as high-waisted pants, mini skirts, collared shirts, stylish boots and white trainers. 

dior cruise 2022

Cruise collections are always so inspiring for me, as they remind me of that exhilarating feeling of discovering new, exotic lands. Greece is undoubtedly an inspiring destination and the perfect background for the Dior Cruise 2022 collection that celebrates the freedom to move and to travel. I miss the days of attending Dior shows and events, from Korea to France. Really looking forward to seeing you again soon, my Dior!

Dior Chau Bui


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