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A variety of subtle and intense looks that satisfy your every whim.


What if red could talk? CHANEL is giving it the floor with its SPRING-SUMMER 2023 COLLECTION, for flushed cheeks and warmth that extends all the way to the temples. A brilliantly energetic line that transforms the eyes into a smoldering gaze and makes the lips deliciously sensual, breaking from tradition and pushing the boundaries of its versatility.

That is especially evident in LES 4 ROUGES YEUX ET JOUES, two unmistakably shaped palettes, adapted to an oversize format to mark the occasion. Each features a color harmony of four matte and satin shades, which can be used to experiment with a variety of subtle and intense looks that satisfy your every whim. One hue acts as a common thread, a hidden link that connects two creations featuring brand-new shades: a matte sienna red that gives rise to even more makeup combinations and effects.CHANEL spring summer 2023 lipstick CHANEL lipstick 2023 shades

The palettes’ red shades—which can be applied just on the cheeks, like a blush or highlighter;
on the eyes, like an eyeshadow or eyeliner, to add warmth or create definition; all the way out
to the temples as a halo of color; and anywhere else you desire—are perfectly suited for mixing and matching, and lend themselves to even more hues when blended. Sienna red and warm rosewood, peach and rose gold highlighter, rosy beige and “tomette” tile red: luminous, sheer, and vibrant all at once, these red shades, hovering “between two emotions,” can be both strong and subtle, allowing for striking as well as more subdued makeup looks. CHANEL palette 2023

Buildable, blendable, and easy to use, the palettes can also be paired with BAUME ESSENTIEL Rouge Frais, which accentuates the cheeks with a fresh and radiant healthy glow. To intensify the eyes, CHANEL has added LE LINER DE CHANEL in Rouge Noir and STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF in Or Rose.

CHANEL has created a Rouge Grenat shade of the new NOIR ALLURE mascara, designed to coat the lashes, as the finishing touch on a bold red smokey eye, or be applied only to the tips and paired with a touch of black for an iconic two-tone look.


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