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From the runway

CHANEL Cruise 2021/22: A journey of elegance

Immerse in the 60s charm.


Virginie Viard came back to Provence in south of France and the black-and-white 60s movies for her inspirations of CHANEL Cruise 2021/2022. At Carrières de Lumières (Quarries of Light) in Les Baux, CHANEL presented a Cruise collection of elegance and a longing for travels.

The designs in the CHANEL Cruise 2021/22 collection are refined to embody the simplicity and elegance of the literary and cinematic works of Jean Cocteau, a close friend of Gabrielle Chanel and the inspiration for Virginie Viard. A collection full of blacks and whites, yet still feels extremely strong and modern against the spacious chambers of Carrières de Lumières. The tweed vest and skirt in particular showed a free, elegant, simple but elegant 60s spirit for the collection.

I was most impressed with the punk-rock elements of the collection: graphic t-shirt, mini skirt, seductive fishnet tights with leather boots and jackets. The look is casual yet elegant with a hint of rebellion. There’s something so liberating about the rough hemlines, the lip jewelry or the big chunky The free spirit is  If you look closely at the details of each design, you will feel the amazing subtlety bracelets and necklaces. CHANEL has always been so good at its contrasts. That is surely part of the house’s irresistible charm.


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