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Chanel COCO Crush – A story of encounters

“C” is for CRUSH, “C” is for COCO, “C” is for CHANEL. And “C” is also for Chau. Oh la la!


Chanel COCO Crush jewelry collection embodies freedom and intimacy, strength and delicacy, simplicity and density, softness and rigour. Here’s why I’m “crushing” on this beautiful limited collection from Chanel at first sight.

Emblem of the House

The iconic quilted motif of Chanel, which was first seen on the famous Chanel flap bag 2.55 since 1955, made its grand comeback in this jewelry collection. 

The history of the quilted motif dates back to the early 1900s when Gabrielle Chanel visited her dear friend Étienne Balsan’s countryside estate. Chanel quickly spotted the quilted fabrics used for horse blankets and saddle cloths and felt greatly inspired by them. The motif made its way to Chane’s designs and soon became a legend. 

Quilting first debuted on the Chanel catwalk last century, but it still features in our wardrobes and, thanks to Coco Crush, it’s now worn on our ears, necks and wrists. It is amazing to me how the origin story of a legend turns out to be so spontaneous and unique, just like the free spirit of Gabrielle Chanel.

An attitude of freedom

As a woman who refuses to follow social standards, Gabrielle used to create her own version of riding gear, revolutionizing traditionally masculine items such as the tweed jackets. Therefore, Chanel always focuses on the freedom of expression, of movement, of style in her designs. COCO CRUSH embodies Gabrielle’s attitude to life. Reject the beaten path, refuse limitations. Enjoy life, love, creativity.

With so many ways to mix, match or stack your COCO Crush earrings, rings and bracelets, minimalists or maximalists can both create their own way to style the collection. Personally, I like to choose simple, minimal clothes to highlight the jewelry. With its timeless design, I believe COCO Crush is the perfect choice for anyone looking to glam up their styles.

A story of encounters

If I had to choose one item from this collection, I would definitely pick the ring Toi et Moi. Two lines coming together, like 2 destinies that meet and intertwine without merging, symbolising love and freedom. The “C” shape of the ring’s profile signals its allure. The “C” for CRUSH, the “C” for COCO, the “C” for CHANEL.

Gabrielle treasured the friendships she had in her lifetime. She met many incredible people that turned into a dazzling romance, an eternal friendship, a happy occasion… Some encounters you wear forever, like the rings on your fingers. 

I’m really obsessed with this collection. For me, COCO Crush is more than just a jewelry collection, it is an attitude, it calls for passion, a free spirit. I hope this unique spirit of COCO Crush will truly inspire you and your style as it did to me. 



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