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burberry olympia bag
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From the runway

Burberry Landscapes – The Olympia Bag

The larger-than-life Olympia bag takes over the global landscapes.


Burberry has unveiled a giant Olympia bag in the heart of Singapore at the ION Orchard Shopping Mallon Orchard Road. The Olympia bag is a structured and sculptural bag that has a crescent curve that moulds closely against the body, an athletic aura told through its defined arc.

burberry olympia bag

This is the latest evolution of Burberry’s awe-inspiring takeovers of global landscapes. The larger-than-life Olympia began its journey in London United Kingdom, travelling along the River Thames. The giant Olympia Bag continued its journey to Dubai, United Arab Emirate and making its way toSingapore as the third stop around the world.

The giant Olympia will be found from 16 – 29 August in Singapore.


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