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7 tips to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly

Here are simple changes to your daily habits that can make fashion green again! 


As a person working in the fashion industry, I am fully aware of the impact of fashion on the environment. The fashion industry is accountable for 10% of the world’s total carbon emission a year. Furthermore, up to 85% of the clothes produced every year are never worn and eventually become waste. One truckload of clothes is thrown away worldwide every second. 

In the past year, I have learned more and more about reducing my carbon footprint and waste. It can start from my own wardrobe as well.  In this post, I will share simple changes in my wardrobe that makes it more eco-friendly. 

1. Shop from local brands: Imported clothes will need to be transported cross continents to arrive at your door. Clothes from local brands do not. Simply support small businesses around you by looking for brands that produce locally.

2. Care for the materials: I started to learn more about fabrics and materials that are used to produce clothes. Learning about the origin of the products you’re buying is an excellent habit to be more eco-friendly. Read into the brands’ fine prints. If possible, I’d prefer to buy organic materials, such as cotton, silk or wool. Organic materials are produced without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals, which can cause permanent damage to soil and water resources. 

3. Don’t throw your clothes away: Never throw your unused clothes in the trash! Give your clothes to charity, or sell them at second-hand markets. Even fixing up clothes that no longer fit or have holes in them also extends their life cycle to 24%, which in turns reduce the habit of shopping for new clothes. Swapping clothes in garage sales is also a great idea to give your clothes a second life. 

4. Pay attention when doing the laundry: Washing clothes too often is bad for your clothes and consumes a lot of electricity and water. I usually limit my laundry to maximum 3 times a week. I also like using laundry products made from natural ingredients and drying clothes using sunlight rather than a dryer.

5. Organize your wardrobe: Show your wardrobe some love and organize it often. You can watch a video of me attempting to clean out my closet here! Organizing your closet is also a way for you to see all the things you have, making it easier to decide what you wear everyday and reduce the habit of shopping for new clothes.

6. Shop less: Finally, I am practicing the habit of shopping less and only buying the things I need. When you shop less, you will form a habit of buying more durable clothes, wearing them longer, instead of buying clothes that are only worn once or twice. Besides, this also helps me to be more creative in mixing and matching my outfits! 

Do you have any other ideas about “being green” with fashion? Do share with me in the comment section! 


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