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7 mistakes you might be making with your current diet

Do you really understand the diet and weight loss program you are pursuing?


Nowadays, there are many different diets that claimed to help you lose fat or lose weight fast. However, not many people actually take the time to research about how our bodies absorb nutrition, build muscles and use energy before starting a diet. I’ve seen friends who would go on wildly strict diets after consulting with their social circle or even people on Facebook. For me, it’s quite weird to see someone plunging into weight loss and exercising regimes without relying on any scientific research or data. 

I am not the expert in nutrition or weight loss, but based on my own experience and observations, these are the most common diet mistakes that many people are making. These mistakes not only are not effective in weight loss, but might impact your metabolism and your health in the long run.

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Mistake 1: Starve yourselves to lose weight

Many people misunderstand that fasting is the fastest way to lose weight. I also read a lot of tips that advise people to only drink coffee and juice in a week, or to follow a K-pop star diet to lose weight faster. The fact is, if you eat less than 1,000 calories a day, initially, your weight will definitely reduce. However, when you consume such little amount of food, you are slowing down your body’s metabolism. Later on, when you are no longer dieting, your metabolism will no longer work effectively, and you will go back to gaining weight.

Mistake 2: Skip meals

Lots of people I know or talk to usually resort to skipping breakfast or dinner as part of their diet. Of course, eating less will reduce the number of calories you take in. However, you will need to balance out the amount of food you consume over the day; otherwise, you will feel dizzy and tired, and potentially overeat during lunch, for example. A better way is to have 6-8 smaller meals a day. Morning and afternoon snacks can be supplemented with nuts, cereals, and juices to keep you energized.

Mistake 3: Your drinks have calories, too!

Calorie-counting apps on your phone are very helpful in tracking the calories you take in every day. Still, many people forget that drinks such as coffee, smoothies or juice also have calories. I usually combat this by drinking more water when on a diet (at least 2 liters every day) to help burn calories. If you want to enjoy other drinks, be sure to stay away from processed drinks or milk tea. Instead, try celery or pineapple juice as it will help you burn fat better. See more of my healthy smoothie recipes here!

Mistake 4: Weight yourself constantly 

I want to emphasize that weight is not the only indicator of a healthy body. You can be losing weight, but your body fat is still high, your belly and glutes are not in shape. Don’t just look at the number on the scale, instead, pay attention to exercising and providing necessary nutrition for your body to lose fat and gain muscle. And above all, it’s all about YOU feeling happy with your body and your life.

Mistake 5: Give up dairy products

Unless you want to switch to a vegan diet, dairy products are not the enemy for your body! Many studies show that the calcium in milk, butter, and cheese actually helps with the fat-burning process in your body. Yogurt is also a rich source of nutrients and contains probiotics, allowing for better digestion.  I like to eat Greek Yogurt as a snack to increase my energy during the day!

Mistake 6: Think of food as GOOD or BAD

Different diets sometimes mislead us to believe that food is divided into two groups, GOOD and BAD. As a result, you will tend to completely eliminate certain food groups such as rice, bread, meat, etc., from your daily meals.

However, you must also understand that each diet excludes a different food group. Some diets will tell you to avoid fat, while others will ask you to eat more fat. Some people tell you to eat more meat; others say red meat is bad for the body.

The best way is to understand what kinds of food and nutrients your body needs is to eat in moderation and variety. In short, eat what makes you body stronger. Your body will know what it needs most!

Mistake 7: A beautiful body will make you happy

As a public figure, I understand the obsession with weight and appearance. But let me tell you this, even I am not 100% satisfied with my body. I wish I was taller (about 30cm more…), my belly had less fat, or my arms were smaller… But I feel happy because I have maintained a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. That’s what’s important to me right now: being happy with what I eat every day, allowing myself to have cheat days when I like, and loving my own body!

So, before starting on any weight loss program, I honestly advise you to read more scientific studies and understand what your body needs. Also, do more of what makes you happy. There is no weight loss diet that’s worth taking away the joy you feel every day!


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