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7 factors affecting your weight beyond diet and exercise

If you keep fasting and exercising without losing weight, this could be the reason.


I am sure that everyone has a friend who eats continuously without getting fat. Or someone who does the same exercises and diets as you do but lost weight much faster while you seem to have gained a few.

The reason behind these heartbreaking stories is that there are many different factors that affect your weight beyond your diet and exercise routine. If you understand these factors, you can be more proactive in planning a weight control plan based on your body and lifestyle needs.

Here are the 7 factors affecting your weight beyond diet and exercise

1. The amount of water you drink daily

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Water plays an important role in all body functions, so the amount of water you drink every day will certainly affect your weight. If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down, making you feel hungry faster and gaining weight more easily. In addition, our body can also confuse “hunger” and “thirst,” so next time you feel hungry, remember you can drink water or healthy juice instead of having snacks.

2. Stress

The amount of stress in your daily life has a direct effect on your weight. Being stressed regularly will make your body feel bloated, increase blood pressure, reduce concentration, reduce sleep quality, increase stress eating… These things are definitely not good for your health, right? If you feel like losing balance in work and life, find a moment during the day to meditate, take a deep breath and relax your mind. In addition, finding a habit that makes you feel happier such as exercising, jogging, dancing… is also a good way to reduce stress in daily life.

3. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important factor in helping you reduce stress and even lose weight. When you lack sleep or stay up too late, your body releases a hormone called ghrelin, which causes hunger and food cravings. Lack of sleep will affect the body’s daily digestion and fat burning process. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep should be a priority if you want to have a healthier weight.

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4. Gut health

Make sure to have check up on your gut health before you start any kind of diet! The simplest way to improve your gut health is to eat more probiotic food to help the digestive system easily digest food. And of course, when you absorb and consume food effectively, you will see positive results in your weight loss process.

5. Vitamins

Not many people know that the amount of vitamins you take in each day has a direct effect on your desired weight. For example, a lack of vitamin D3 will put the body in a constant state of hunger and craving for food. Vitamin D3 also helps you consume food and burn fat faster. To know which vitamins your body needs, you can visit your doctor for better advice.

6. Hormones

Hormones affect almost every function of the body, from your mood, sleep, eating habits to weight. That’s why when a woman is pregnant or on her period, she can have cravings for certain food or diet. With the female body, the hormones also change with your cycle, so you will need to adjust your diet and exercise to be in sync with your hormonal levels.

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7. Mood

No matter what weight loss and exercise regimen you follow, make sure you feel happy, eat well, and get enough sleep. Forcing yourself to do something you don’t like can help you lose weight in the short term, but never a long-term solution.


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