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Healthy eating

6 steps to lose weight healthily

Remember: having a healthy, happy body is much more important than a number on the scale.


Recently I just did a gene test and the result is just shocking. Besides the general information about my health and my body, the result also shows that my body is very prone to gain weight (ugh!) That means once I gain weight, it’s super hard to go back.

All my life, keeping a healthy weight has never been easy. From my personal experience, there are 6 steps you can take to reach your ideal weight and have a healthy body. 

However, before starting on any losing weight regime, keep in mind that:

  • Your weight is not as important as your physical and mental well-being. If losing weight causes you a lot of stress, it’s a sign that you’re not doing it right.
  • Nowadays there are many weight-losing methods claiming that they can help you cut down your weight in just 1 week or even 3 days. However, it’s important to know that instant weight loss by aggressive diet or fasting can cause your body to go into shock. Some damages from unhealthy weight loss can not be reversed, so be very careful! 
  • If you are under 18, please do not follow any strict weight loss program because this is the time your body needs the most nutrition and energy to grow. Fasting can cause hormonal imbalance and long-term damages to your physical health.
  • Weight is not the only indicator of a healthy and beautiful body. For example, there isn’t any weight loss program that will instantly reduce your belly fat. Instead, you have to have a balanced diet and a consistent work out routine to lose body fat and gain muscles. 
  • Learn to love your body. Listen to what it needs. Finding the most suitable diet and lifestyle for your body is more important than losing weight.

With these rules in mind, here are my 6 steps of losing weight healthily:

Step 1: Do not fast

Fasting does help you lose weight but only to a certain extent. Fasting will put you at the risk of poor nutrition, causing your body and mind to weaken over time. Moreover, fasting may also lead to excessive food cravings, and you may end up eating twice as much as usual when you have the chance. The only fasting method I know of that is supported by science is Intermittent Fasting. However, even with Intermittent Fasting, nutritionists also advise that it should not be applied for those under 18 and you will need to consult with doctors and experts before going on a fast. 

Step 2: Cut down on your sugar intake

I have to keep my sugar intake to the minimum when I begin my clean eating and losing weight journey. The excess sugar amount in our body is transformed into fat. So when we limit our sugar intake, we reduce the fat in our body as a result. Besides, eating less sugar also benefits our skin and energy level throughout the day. 

Step 3: Change up your diet

To lose weight, I need to reduce the amount of meat and carb I consume every day and eat more fruit and vegetable. I used to HATE eating vegetables. But after I discovered more delicious vegan recipes, I always make vegetables a part of my daily meal. I also make lots of vegetable juice and smoothies in order to ensure my daily vegetable intake.

Furthermore, I increase my healthy protein intake by eating more eggs, nuts, bananas, or protein powder as a supplement. I also love adding foods high in good unsaturated fat include almond milk, tofu, or greek yogurt in my diet. Lastly, I replace rice or white bread with oatmeals, whole grain bread, and sweet potato. Remember that it takes time for our bodies to adjust to any diet, so be patient with yourself.

Check out my clean eating recipes here!

Step 4: Drink more water and avoid junk food

When I want to lose weight, I will drink more water. I also drink a lot of celery juice, mixed with fruits like apple, pomelo, avocado, to provide more vitamins for my body (plus, they’re REALLY tasty). Celery is especially good for burning fat and reducing our food cravings. Every day I would drink 2-3 litres of celery juice. 

My tip to avoid junk food is not to keep any junk food at home. Instead, I will store healthy snacks like oatmeals, greek yogurt, nuts, or bananas in my fridge. 

Step 5: Exercises

The previous steps are all about nutrition. But nutrition alone is not enough for a healthy body. Exercise is another important factor. I usually 20-30 minutes a day working out. My routine would be 10 minutes of cardio and the remaining time for muscle training. On the days I have more energy, I will also jump rope or dance to exercise more creatively. In case you are new to exercises and not sure which routine works for you, I highly recommend working with a personal trainer at first to get you in the right direction.

Check out my quick fat-burning HIIT and Cardio routine here!

Step 6: Set a deadline

Lastly, you should have a goal and a deadline for your weight loss journey. The goal could be to lose a certain amount of weight, to reduce body fat, to tone your body, etc, depending on what you want. When you set a clear goal, you then can develop a suitable diet and a timeline for yourself. You can set either short-term goals that last for 2-3 weeks or long-term ones with a duration of up to a year for strict weight loss programs followed by cheat days.

Setting clear goals and making plans will help yourself be more disciplined. However, you should never be stressed out because of a number on the weighing scale. And because my body is different from yours, so it is best to seek experts’ opinions to tailor a program that will bring you the best and most sustainable result.



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