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6 fashion Instagram accounts for when you need some inspirations

Where I get inspired and update on the latest trends.


Instagram is THE platform I turn to for inspirations and fashion trend updates. In this post, I’ll introduce 6 Instagram accounts that have unique and beautiful contents for you to also be inspired.


High Fashion Talk (HFT) is a community for fashion-lovers. On this account you will find the names of the up-and-coming designers, latest news about top brands, trend analysis, collection reviews,… What I like about HFT is succinct informations combined with highly impressive visuals. Besides, the page also follows rising designers and unique trends compared to the other traditional fashion magazines.


Art Partner is a well-known creative agency in fashion industry. Their clients include the most prominent brands such as Gucci, Chloe or Burberry. Art Partner specializes in creating photoshoots and fashion campaigns for such big names. Their Instagram account showcases the most qualified editorial photoshoots which reflect the latest trends.  Cannot miss this Instagram account if you are into creative works and designs.


This is the Instagram account of one of the most famous streetstyle photographer in the world, Acielle, from Belgium. He’s the photographer for Vogue and The New York Times. Acielle is trusted by the top fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Prada, Marni, Gucci, or Hermes for their backstage  in their fashion shows. Being captured in his streetstyle photos is the dream of every fashionista. The Instagram feed of Style du monde is all about streetstyle shots from New York to Milan – the ideal place for you to see the latest trends and creativity by trendsetters around the world.


Not Just A Label (NJAL) is a high fashion e-commerce platform, similar to Farfetch or SSense. NJAL proudly claims that they are the platform for the young, talented and creative designers. NJAL has been working with more than 45,000 designers from around the world. At the NJAL Instagram account, you will find many niche brands that are rarely be seen elsewhere. This account is the top choice for the fashion lovers who are seeking for one-of-a-kind items.


The out-standing green heels some of you may have seen on my Instagram come from the designer Ancuta Sarca, who is based in London. Sarca used to work at famous fashion houses and decided to start her own shoes brand in 2018. Her shoes are very unique as she recycles old Nike sneakers and turns them into beautifully crafted kitten heels.

Because of this brilliant and eco-friendly idea, I have followed Sarca for so long and decided to get me a pair.


Cha Myung is a young Korean designer who is well-known recently. Cha Myung studied fashion design at the famous Parsons School in New York and Central Saint Martins in London. Last year, when she was stuck in her apartment for months due to the pandemic, Cha Myung finds the inspiration from the surrounding household items and came up with the loungewear collection created with….pillows. Cha Myung’s brand is minimal yet modern and artsy. I believe Cha Myung will be one of the most-loved designers in the near future.


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