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5 most important anti-aging habits for your skin

My tips on skincare and practicing good habits to stay young and beautiful.


To be honest, my skin is not perfect. Because of the nature of my work, I have to wear makeup daily and frequently stay outdoors so my skin is at times uneven and dull. What I am most concerned about is that eventually, these habits will lead to prematurely aging skin. Thus, I started to use anti-aging products and practice good habits that will benefit my skin years ago. Here are my top 5 daily habits to help skin stay healthy and youthful.

1/ Use makeup remover daily

For anyone who wears makeup regularly like me, makeup removal is THE MOST IMPORTANT step in the daily skincare routine. Even when it was just sunscreen, I still use a makeup remover balm or oil every night to clear out the impurities on the skin, otherwise, our skin won’t absorb all the goodness from our other skincare products. Double cleansing is a good skin care practice. I usually use a makeup remover first, followed by a cleanser for the best result.

2/ Serum

Depending on your own skin condition, choose a serum that fits your needs. My current favorite serum is Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Advanced. This product works perfectly for my uneven, tired skin on the days I wear heavy makeup or lack of sleep. The anti-aging serum has a light and fast-absorbing texture giving my skin an instant glow and is a great supplement for skin problems like melasma or dryness.

3/ Face massage

When using serum, I would gently pat for the product on my face, then I would massage all around my face to help the product absorb better, as well as to boost skin elasticity and blood circulation. Nowadays there are plenty of face massage exercises instructions available online. My own method is using fingers to slide along the jawlines for face lifting effects. Remember to always massage in upward motions.

4/ Drink plenty of water

When our body is dehydrated, our skin will lose its natural moisturizer and start to age. Thus, drinking water is essential to prevent premature aging for your skin. I always try to drink 2 litre of water a day. You can also drink juice, tea, or smoothies in between to help keep you hydrated. 

5/ Limit sugar intake

Sugar is one of the main factors causing oily skin, acne, and aging. If you have watched my cooking videos, you will notice. I always try to season as little as possible and avoid eating fried food. These habits are very effective in reducing pimples, oily skin, and uneven skin tone.

I hope you will find this blog post helpful if you are looking to improve your skin conditions. Remember, the anti-aging process will have better results when you begin at a young age, instead of waiting for the first aging sign to appear, so start the good habits now!



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