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5 eco-friendly fashion brands made in Vietnam

There are two things that I 100% support: local brands and sustainable fashion.


Thus, I’m very happy to see more and more Vietnamese brands and designers care about the environment in their production and designs, from sourcing sustainable materials to switching to bio-degradable packaging. 

Here’re my favorite Vietnamese brands that are pioneering in sustainable fashion:


Bo Sua Xanh
Image: Kênh 14

As an Ambassador of the project “Tắt Đèn Bật Ý Tưởng”, I truly appreciate the effort that Boo is investing in eco-friendly products for the young consumers. Boovironment is a green initiative by Boo as the brand commits to be sustainable and ethical throughout their supply chain. They collect old clothes and electronic waste at Boo stores nationwide, as well as encourage customers not to use plastic bags when shopping here. Their tags are made from recycled paper. All the stores use minimal air conditioning. Their extremely creative printed T-shirts are 90% organic cotton and are made by local manufacturers that are ethical to their employees and environmentally friendly in their production.

Website: https://boo.vn/

The 31

Image: The 31

The 31 is a fairly new name in the local fashion scene. The 31 wants to promote a sustainable lifestyle, which include organic clothings, furniture, and beddings.  All their products are made with organic, 100% plant-based linen which is designed and produced in Vietnam. The brand completely excludes nylon or plastic in their packaging. There is also a lot of helpful information about how to reduce waste in daily life available on their website and Facebook page.

Website: https://the31.vn/


Image: Leinné

Leinné is an accessory brand selling products like hats, bags, shoes, or jewelry. The brand has a special program named Refinity Community that reuses and recycles old clothes. When customers send old items to Leinné, the artisans here will make them into beautiful products such as cup holders, hair accessories, or tote bags. With items that they can’t reuse, they will give away to charities or turn them into eco bricks. What a meaningful program!

Website: https://leinne.com/blogs/leinne-talk/refinitycommunity  


Image: Timtay

90% of the products from Timtay are made with linen fabric from flax fibers, cotton, and silk that are very environmentally friendly. The philosophy of Timtay is designed for comfort, so they make sure the materials always feel good on the skin. The products are made with extreme care, so that customers can wear them longer and thus lengthen the life cycle of the products.

With excess fabrics, Timtay reuse them into special accessories. Besides, the brand ensures a fair working environment for their employees. 

Website: https://timtay.me/


Image: Moidien

Moidien by Tom Trandt is no foreign to the Vietnamese fashion community. The bold original designs with a modern spirit has made Moidien one of the most well-known streetwear brands. Products by Moidien don’t use chemicals for dyeing, instead they have the color from natural dyeing processes The excess fabric is used to make accessories, tote bags or shopping bags. I believe Moidien will be the brand to watch regionally.

Website: https://moidien.com/



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