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5 coffee shops you must visit in Hanoi this winter

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Hanoi is gradually transforming to welcome the cold winters. This may also be the favorite time of the year for Hanoians to cozy up in a cafe and enjoy the chilly, crisp air.

Today, let’s take a look at 5 must-visit coffee shops in Hanoi that I had the opportunity to explore this winter!

1. Joie Garden Tay Ho

This coffee shop is located in a small alley so it is very quiet. The space is full of greeneries and unique decorations. I particularly love the rustic atmosphere here, with wooden chairs and tables, as well as retro paintings on the wall, which emulates the ultimate Hanoi winter vibe. A plus point for Joie Garden is that the cafe allows you to visit with your pet.

Address: 47 Ao Nghe Alley, Tay Ho

2. Homie Coffee

Homie Coffee’s is a 3-story house, decorated in a cozy, wintery style. I loved lounging on the especially soft brown leather sofa here, next to a cup of hot chocolate. A warmth in your heart is probably the best description when you first visit this coffee shop. Besides, the large doorways and windows always filled Homie Coffee with so much light, which is always great if you’re someone like me, who cannot resist taking photos here every time I visit.

Address: No. 5, lane 30, Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung

3. Cafe De Flore

Cafe De Flore has a distinctive vintage feel to it that will make you come back time and time again. The coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from. The outdoor space is filled with plants and feels like a little oasis in the middle of the city, while the inside is cozy and intricately designed. Their red, arched windows are also so cute to take photos with!

Address: 46 Nguyen Truong To, Ba Dinh

4. OiA Coffee

This is a perfect cafe for anyone who is a fan of the Scandinavian look and feel. At OiA Coffee, you will be surrounded by natural light and tranquility. There’s plenty of space to chill and hang out with friends here, but it’s also quiet enough for a study/work session. The cafe is located in a French villa in the heart of Hanoi with lots of big windows, tiled roof, and tiled floor.

Address: 73 Tran Quoc Toan, Hoan Kiem

5. Tach Spaces

The designs at Tach Spaces in Hanoi is quite unique from other recently opened coffee shops. More precisely, this is a complex of coffee shops, juice shops, art spaces, entertainment units, … built by young people with great taste. The space of Tach Spaces is large and airy, combining both traditional and modern design elements. What I love most is that you can spend the whole afternoon here to different corners, shops and products within the complex. This place promises to be a favorite check-in location for young people in Ha Noi this winter.

Address: 20 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi


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