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5 fashion accessories I can’t leave home without

Here’re the top 5 accessories I found myself using again and again to elevate my personal style.


Dressing up is easy but personal style takes time to build. For me, I express myself a lot through my accessories. That’s what makes or breaks an outfit, in my opinion. Here’re the top 5 accessories I found myself using again and again to elevate my personal style.

1. Sunglasses

I have a passion for sunglasses of all colors and shapes. For me, wearing the right sunglasses would make the whole look cool. Whether your style is minimalist, chic, or feminine, there will always be a pair of sunglasses that will fit you best. Which glasses do you think I look best in?

2. Bucket hat

The bucket hat has become popular for the last few years, especially among the street style community. There are many ways to mix outfits with bucket hats, but I like to pair it with casual outfits such as oversized T-shirts, crop tops, and baggy pants.

chau bui bucket hat

3. Earrings

I don’t often wear too feminine, girly clothes. But earrings are the accessories that I always wear when going out. Wearing different types of earrings can completely change the shape of your face. I also often change earrings depending on hairstyles or when I want to change the vibe of an outfit. For example, large, sparkling statement earrings can make a monochrome outfit more sophisticated. Remember to check your whole outfit before going out though; your earrings should elevate the look, not drowning out your clothes. 

chau bui gucci

4. Chunky shoes

Chunky shoes are the most used items in my wardrobe, because they are super comfy and help me cheat a bit of my height. Many fashion brands have promoted the comeback of this 90s trend. My favorite combo is mixing chunky shoes with wide-leg, high-waisted pants to make my legs appear longer. Complete the look with a croptop for a touch of sexiness.

chau bui

5. My cross-bearing necklace

The necklace is an indispensable accessory for me when going out, not only for fashion reasons but also because it is a gift that I cherish. I always feel lucky, confident, and protected every time I wear this necklace. Having such a special accessory is definitely part of everyone’s personal style, right?

day chuyen chau bui

Finally, please remember, these days, the most important accessory when going out is MASKS. Comment below if I should write a blog about tips to style outfits with masks!



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