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10 must-read fashion books if you are pursuing a career in fashion

I highly recommend these 10 amazing fashion books!


On the journey of learning about fashion, apart from movies, documentaries, and photos, books can also a great source of reference and knowledge. These are 10 fashion books that I believe will change your perspectives on fashion.

1. Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life: Because You’re Worth It (George Brescia)

The special thing about this book is that the less you care about fashion or style, the more you should read it. It corrects the common mistakes people make with their outfits and shows you how changing your clothes can really change your life. It lists out countless tips and ways of styling, showing you how to create a highly functional and stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank. Author George Brescia has proven himself to be not only a great stylist but also an excellent psychologist by understanding women’s struggles, helping them to be less self-conscious.

2. Fashionpedia

Fashionpedia is a clear and concise fashion encyclopedia with all the definitions you need to know about fashion, designed with easy-to-memorize images. The book includes names of garments and details, production processes, classic designs, how to read the specifications on labels. This is also a must-have book for new fashion design students or anybody who wants to have their designer fashion brand.

3. Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry (Amy Odell)

The author – Amy Odell – was a fashion editor. She recalls stories of working with bloggers, trendsetters, designers, celebrities, editors, and models,…from an interesting, humorous point of view, differentiating her from the overhyped media around the fashion industry. Her writing style is considered appealing, opening up a whole world of behind the scenes and fashion inner circle that was not traditionally covered by magazines.

4. Fashion History of the World (Kim Kyung Sun, Lee Kyung Hee)

This book offers an overview of the history of fashion. It summarizes the main fashion trends of the 20th century, acknowledging the trendsetters through each era. The book includes many illustrations to make it even more suitable for those who like a light, fun read.

5. La Mode (Maud Gabrielson, Alix de Moussac)

The book revolves everything about fashion, history, behind-the-scenes, and style tips. This work strips down the curtains behind fashion shows, the stages of creating the latest fashion collection, how one finds their own styles… The reader will dive deeper with designer brands such as Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and explore some of the most expensive shopping addresses in the world such as Avenue Montaigne (Paris), 5th Avenue (New York), Oxford (London), The Golden Rectangle (Milan)…

6. Vogue Coloring Book (Iain R. Webb)

This is the perfect book for those who love vintage styles. The hand sketches were inspired by the iconic images on British Vogue in the 1950s, the era of ton-sur-ton hats and gloves, of elegant styles and hourglass figures. You will find in the book evening gowns, cocktail dresses, handsome suits from designers like Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Chanel, with notes. You can color and decorate these classically renowned designs the way you like.

7. Paris Street Style (Isabelle Thomas, Frederique Veysset)

The book analyzes and explains the underlying reasons for the beloved French elegance, from their sophisticated, refined and effortless outfits and vibes. It guides you to build your own styles by cultivating personal values instead of following trends. Both authors of the books are popular fashion writers in France. Isabelle Thomas is an editor, stylist of major fashion magazines, while Frederique Veysset is a photographer with works published in major magazines such as Allure, Vanity Fair, Grazia,…

8. The End of Fashion: The Mass Marketing of the Clothing Business (Teri Agins)

Fashion is defined by top French designers and fashion weeks and can only be purchased by the upper-class? Such time has passed, now all designers are targeting mass markets and their creativity has turned towards marketing instead of fashion. From this book, you will discover the fashion industry from production, retailing, licensing to photography and financing. The work also tells tales of how designer Donna Karan battles with the financiers, the competition between Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and how clinging to haute couture made it extremely difficult for Isaac Mizrahi to sustain his works.

9. The Fashion Designer Survival Guide: Start and Run Your Own Fashion Business (Mary Gehlar)

This is the book for those who want to launch their own brand. Author Mary Gehlhar used to work for various famous designers. She offers stories of the behind-the-scenes and business knowledge to establish and maintain success in your fashion career. Along with that, it also includes advice from celebrities such as Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Cynthia Rowley, Diane von Furstenberg…

10. Fashionopolis (Dana Thomas)

An must-read for those who are interested in sustainable fashion. Consumers now demand designers to not only focus on their designs but also their impact on environment and society. Overproduction and overconsumption in fashion are contributing to climate change, social equality, labor… The author tells stories about people around the world who have has innovative ideas for sustainable fashion, from small artists to pioneering names in green fashion such as Stella McCartney.


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